Welcome to the Bithell Family's Official Website

Welcome to the Bithell Family's Official Website

We are very interested in people who might be related - Please email us if you may be related or with any enquiries!

I hope you find the 6th incarnation of this site useful and you may be interested to hear that the site has been running since January 2000, when it looked somthing like this:

Original Bithell website

In 2008 I released my first overhaul of the site, which featured a landing page, prettier theme and more information: update 2

November 2013 saw the arrival of update 5, which boasted a beautiful new theme: update 5

July 2015 brought the current version of this site, which I hope you enjoy browsing!

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James Bithell
Webmaster since 2006

Family History

The name Bithell is Welsh in origin. The name Bithell means “son of Ithell”.
We are a family from Cheshire who currently live in London.

The Family History section of this site is currently under construction - If you would like to contribute please contact us!

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